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California Regional League FAQ

Frequentl​y Asked Questions
About the California Regional League

Cal North FAQ’s


What is the California Regional League?

Far West Regional League has recently subdivided into regional leagues.  California Regional League offers high-level play between Cal North and Cal South clubs.  


What will the schedule look like?

CRL is a full year league, offered to Cal North teams for the first time.  Cal North teams will have a Showcase Event and seven Intra League games in the fall and again in the spring.  Intra league games will be between Cal North teams only, Showcase events will be between Cal South and Cal North teams.  Teams will play a minimum of 22 games. Twelve of the games will be during the three Showcase Events.


FYI .. The Cal South teams playing in CRL, ADDITIONALLY must participate in their regular fall playing league.


When will fall league games begin?

Fall leagues games will be played during the typical fall league-playing season.


Will we have home games?

Yes, the Intra Regional games will be hosted by the assigned home team.


What is the entry fee?
The entry fee for Cal North teams is $1500.  The entry fee into the three showcase events and the Intra-League play in both fall and spring.  Cal North Intra-League home games will have referee fees paid by the home team.  Entry fee may be paid in three payments of $500
When and where are the Showcase events?
The fall showcase will likely be the Veterans Day weekend in November at a Cal South location.  The spring showcases will be late spring in a Cal North venue, likely Morgan Hill/San Jose for one and Cherry Island for the second. Details will be finalized shortly.
What age groups can play in CRL?
CRL is for teams aged U12 to U19.   
Do the younger teams go to the Showcases?
Yes, all age groups will participate in the showcase events.  For younger teams, the showcases will be a key ODP scouting venue.  For older teams, there will be numerous college coaches in attendance as well as ODP staff.
What do winners of the CRL receive?
Winners of CRL age brackets will be awarded a spot in the Far West Regional Championships with an opportunity to advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships.  For the 2013-14 season the top team from Cal North AND the top team from Cal South will receive a berth to Far West Regionals as two berths have been allocated to the California Regional League.  The only other way to get a Cal North berth to Far West Regionals is by winning Cal North State Cup.
Who should apply?
Teams playing in the top level of competition should apply.  This is for CCSL Premier level teams, NPL level teams, and Cal North State Cup competitors. 
Where do teams apply?
Cal North teams will be required to create a new team account.  Please ensure your contact information is complete, correct and your team name includes your club name Applications closed June 30, 2013.
Should teams apply to a ‘back up’ league in case they are not accepted?
CCSL will make every effort to bracket teams that apply to CRL and are not accepted.  Please apply to CCSL and select Premier.  Go To and select your district to apply from your existing GotSoccer Account.  If you are accepted into CRL, you may withdraw your CCSL Premier application. 
Will teams that have applied to CCSL Premier be automatically considered?
CRL will monitor applications to CCSL Premier Level, but will not automatically consider them.  CRL is a full year commitment and teams who are not prepared for that should apply to CCSL Premier.  Please apply to CRL if you wish to be considered. 
Is this a qualifying League for Cal North State Cup?
Yes, participation in this league qualifies a team to enter Cal North State Cup
What player registration is required?
The California Regional League will require player passes from Cal North (CYSA) or Cal South. 
Where can I find a listing of the teams applying to CRL?
Click Here or go to click the "teams/clubs" tab select "teams that have applied"   




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