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Cal North announces Multifaceted Partnership with NSCAA








The NSCAA and the California Youth Soccer Association-Cal North are pairing up to provide youth coaches in Northern California access to top-rated education opportunities and provide players access to highly-trained coaches.

Cal North is now an NSCAA Official Education Partner and Club Standards Partner.

"The goal with this partnership, and everything the NSCAA develops, is to provide Cal North coaches a host of valuable coaching education worth their time and commitment," Ian Barker, NSCAA Director of Coaching Education, said. "This is an exciting opportunity to enhance youth soccer by adding to coaches’ skillsets to lead their teams."

As an Official Education Partner, Cal North will offer NSCAA Level 1 through 6, Special Topics, Goalkeeper Level 1 through 3 and the High School diplomas.

The exchange of soccer knowledge is a two-way street, as Cal North will periodically provide NSCAA members a variety of training plans through the Online Resource Library, like the small-sided game geared toward player development available below.



As a Club Standards Partner, Cal North will offer NSCAA Club Standards Project Intermediate and Advanced Assessments as a part of their services to affiliated youth soccer clubs. The Club Standards Project is an evaluative process focusing on youth soccer associations, designed to raise the expectations for coach and player development.

Dave Mann, Cal North Executive Director, added:

"We are extremely excited for the opportunity to incorporate the outstanding coaching and educational resources of NSCAA into the Cal North coaching education program. In addition, we will be offering our membership discounts when joining NSCAA or participating in the Club Standards Project."

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