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Using the Prior Team Tool with Teams from Different Seasons

Cal North

Trying to find a team in the Prior Teams for the upcoming Fall season?  If the team you are trying to copy was previously a Fall team, then the team will show up on your prior teams builder.  If the team was a Spring team and your new team is going to be registered for the Fall season, then these are the steps that you have to do to make the Spring team into a Fall team.
  1. Make sure you are in the current season. If you aren’t, then press the Change button, select from the Season Menu and press the Change Context button.
  2. Then hover over Teams on the menu and select Team Builder.  On the Team Builder screen you are going to select your Age Group and Division. Season is going to be set to Spring then press the Go button.
  3. In the Prior Team drop down, you will see your teams from Spring.  Select the team that you are going to make a Fall team.  Make sure you select the check boxes for Use Same Team Name and ID.  This can be changed later.
  4. Press Create Team button.  The screen will refresh and you will see the team in the Team section on the right hand side.
  5. Now hover over Teams and select Maintain Teams
  6. In the Team Find window, you are going to Season and select Spring and press the Find button.
  7. Next we are going to look for the teams that we just created in the Team Builder so that we can correct the season.  Select the team(s) that you will be switching out by either pressing the Select All button or by clicking on the hyperlink of the team name.
  8. This will bring you to the Team Maintenance window.  You will see your team on the screen.  In the Season section, you will click on the Season that says Spring.  A new window will pop-up and this is where you can change the Season, Division and Age Group.
  9. Make your changes and press the Save button.  This will then refresh your screen and now you will see the Season changed to Fall.
  10. You’ll also have to change your Team Number to the new 6-digit team number.  To do this, press on the Team ID: and a pop-up window will appear.  Add the two additional digits and press the Save button.
  11. Now it is time to add the prior team players.  Press on the Add Players button and this will bring up Add Players window.  Select from the radial button Prior Team Players.  Select your players by putting the check mark in the box.  After you have selected your players that are returning, then press the Assign button.  The screen will refresh and you’ll see your players on the Team Maintenance window.
  12. After you have added your players, your staff (coach, assistant coach, team manager, etc.) to the team and have met all of the local requirements, then you can press the approve button and submit your team to the next level.  If you are a club, the next level would be the League.  You’ll have to wait for your League to approve the team.  If the team meets the requirements, then your League will submit your team to the District for final approval.  Once the District has approved your team, then the status will be turned over to Active.  Now you can print your roster and passes if you are authorized to print roster and passes.  If you are the League, then you won’t have to do the Club step, the approval will just to go the District for approval.
  13. For any local variances, please contact your District Registrar.
You can download a copy of these instructions with screen shots here.



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