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The official blog of the Cal North Co-State Registrar, Marc Pinnell. This blog is intended to be a source of information for our members on the latest news concerning the registration of players, adults and teams within Cal North.


Transfers: Entering a new age

Cal North

CYSA is in the midst of several very important changes to the registration process. Some are larger than others. The change we are making to transfers could be described as one of the large ones! The PowerPoint presentation that was presented at the CYSA Soccer Expo in March can be found in a posting below this one if you would like to see some of the screen shots.
First, some terminology. Since CYSA began using the LeagueOne system, we have been doing what is called a "Push Transfer". That basically means that we pushed the player from the releasing team to the accepting team. The transfer had to be initiated from the releasing side - the side with less urgency in most cases to get it done. Beginning with the 2010/11 season CYSA will be moving to a "Pull Transfer". Now the transfer will be initiated on the accepting side of transfer.

How to process a "Pull Transfer"
Let's look at one of the more complicated transfers to illustrate how this is accomplished - the club to club transfer between districts. The beginning of the process is the same as it was prior to this season. Either the club, the parent or the coach will need to get the basic information filled out on a CYSA 1606 Team Movement Form, the player pass and the signatures of both the parent and the releasing coach. From this point the process changes a bit.
To initiate the transfer, the accepting club registrar will log into the system, and bring up the team the team that is GAINING the player (also known as the accepting team). At the bottom of the screen is a new button: "Transfer In." Simply click that button to access the Transfer screen. In that screen enter the player's ID number and the current team number (you have the pass remember). The LeagueOne system will search for the player in question and ask you to verify the player's information. If that is the correct player, click to start the process.
Once the transfer is initiated in the LeagueOne system, an email will be sent to the releasing club registrar, both league registrars and both District Registrars. The email will simply advise them that a transfer is awaiting their review and to login to the system. At this point the accepting club registrar should send the player pass and 1606 form to the accepting District Registrar.
Each person in the approval process logs into the LeagueOne system and goes to the Admin menu, selecting Open Tasks. In the open tasks will be listed any player transfers awaiting processing. Each transfer can be approved or rejected. If it is rejected, the system resets the team and player information to what it was before the process started. If approved at all levels, then the player can have a new player pass generated and you are done!

On the other end of the difficulty spectrum is the transfer from a 4NR to 4NR team inside the same club/league. You will be doing a "Pull Transfer" here as well, but they will be approved immediately upon you completing the necessary screens - just as they are now.

If you should have any questions on this new process, contact your local District Registrar. Also, I do monitor the comments below if you want to ask the question here!



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