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There is Hope!

Pete Zopfi

There is Hope! I had the pleasure of meeting US Women’s Goalkeeper Hope Solo at the Cal North / Nevada Youth Soccer Expo in South Lake Tahoe earlier this month. We often read in the media about professional athletes and celebrities. These stories usually contain information designed to sell "images of the star" and not necessarily portray the individual as they truly are. After her long flight from Seattle to Reno and then drive to South Lake Tahoe, Hope had many activities to attend at the Expo. After several appearances, she was headed back to her room to unpack and change for dinner. When she reached the elevators, a family of six stepped out of the elevator and you heard a gasp from the two young girls in their soccer outfits. Hope immediately greeted them, talked with them and took pictures with them. The two younger brothers were not sure what was happening but before long they were "high fiving" and "knuckling" with Hope. The father stated that they had driven all the way from Petaluma to South Lake Tahoe hoping that they could meet Hope and now there she was. Eventually hugs were exchange between Hope and the girls. Their dreams had been fulfilled. And thus for the rest of us there is always Hope! 




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