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The official blog of the Cal North Co-State Registrar, Marc Pinnell. This blog is intended to be a source of information for our members on the latest news concerning the registration of players, adults and teams within Cal North.


SURVEY RESULTS: Final thoughts...

Cal North

Our final question was an open ended one inviting your comments on anything you felt the need to bring up. Over half of the respondents took advantage of this opportunity and left some really interesting comments. The following is a sampling of those comments. Be sure that we have read (multiple times in my case) them and will be taking them to heart with our upcoming initiatives.

Comments (unedited, in all their original color):
  • I'm sorry that I cannot answer intelligently at this late hour - and I see that you need this survey submitted tonight. I have worked for my soccer club for 9.5 years, so I have had many dealings over the years with CYSA. One very brief comment: allow players who are registered through CYSA to play in matches against players registered through any organization within the US Soccer Federation, and their CYSA insurance coverage remain intact. This would include, for example, players registered through SAYSoccer, AYSO and USClub. There may be others. These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. This change would promote and support the effort of putting players on the field, instead of what seems like putting obstacles to putting players on the field. Thank you for your attention to my suggestions.
  • All online registrations, with NO printed 1601 forms! The amount of work a registrar does is crazy! Cut the paper and save a tree!
  • I thought CYSA was doing the background checks. No??? Trusting coaches to self-report is not a good idea. I don't want to bother with background checks. The names and addresses should be sent automatically to a background check process and done every season.
  • ALL CYSA comp teams register in CCSL to make this work. Currently you have at least D8 register their own teams for their own District league (Kaercher for Div. III teams). If all reg. in CCSL then they can be under CCSL auspices and be a bronze/copper/whatever league in their own district. The important thing is to register all comp teams in ccsl and not give this choice to districts.
  • Please try to make decisions for the current year take place the previous year. It is very difficult to stay on top of things when decisions are made at registration time, a lot of the decisions made change huge portions of play and rules and registraiton, better to make the decision to switch to Comp Rec this year and implement next year, rather than make now and implement now. COnfusing for all and not very organized.
  • Less paperwork ... More online!
  • Allow League registrars more authority in LeagueOne
  • fairly new with all the rules, tasks, etc. I find the website difficult to maneuver through in regards to finding coach classes etc.
  • Get background checks going ASAP. I believe people believe thisis happening and it is not, opening the door for liability. registrationd oes not need to 'run' a playing league HOWEVER it should allow export of current team rosters to a playing league in order to generate game cards and monitor guest players.
  • life time player passes
  • If you can get rid of the hard copy of the 1601 and make the player passes the only document needed for the medical release it would be great.
  • Branding. Ask all league to use CYSA in their name -- i.e CYSA XXX League.
  • Promoting the CYSA tournaments. We pay for the tournament sanctioning, so why cant you send out emails like E7 does?
  • I'm very impressed by all the changes to streamline processing: digital pics, no stamp, etc. and love the electronic sending and receiving of paperwork. The one thing I would like to see is a better database of coaches and their licenses. Ideally, once a coach passes a class, it would be great if that level of license could be updated in their system whenever possible. Perhaps the class leader could submit a list of coaches who passed and their coaching id numbers at the end to CYSA so it can be updated? It is frustrating to have coaches struggling to find their licenses or get copies from them.
  • Run Comp and Rec COMPLETELY SEPARATE!!
  • Every player pays money into CYSA but the services received for these contributions are substandard. One of the primary services where CYSA can add a tremendous amount of value is providing background checks. It should be done ASAP.
  • Please do not allow coaches, etc. to have access to LeagueOne. The systems works great with only club/league/district registrars handling it. Please make sure that all communications from CYSA and League One are sent to all registrars. I have my club registrars sending me copies because as league registrar I do not get all communications.
  • Better communication in a timely fashion. Having trainings that are convenient to all locations (yes you would have to schedule more that one!!) I do boht us club (nor cal) and CYSA I like that coaches data enter their players info in us club. I do not like having to wait for approvals for adds, drops and transfers. I am a volunteer and this creates a lot of wasted time just to have someone check a box for approval. We also have to give her paperwork - at minimum eliminate that step. And paying her for transfers - really? We allready pay her to do the job. She's now double paid.
  • No more district approvals for class 4R..or even clas 3. We are moving toward NorCal so that we can have more local control. In the 14 years I have been a registrar, my life was made hell by the district registrars personalities until a couple of years ago with another personnel change, but it is still way too restrictive.
  • Converting the current registration process to total online registration would be a huge step in the right direction. Also, converting to comp/rec instead of the current Div 3 and 4 would also be a move in the right my humble opinion.
  • putting out surveys like this one is a good thing! I'm sorry I can't provide more helpful answers, as I haven't been doing registration at the league level for several years.
  • I'd really like to see cysa move towards a yes checkbox for medical consent so we can move into the 21st century. If our objective is to benefit the children and get them on the playing field, we want them to have medical coverage but it seems to me, if people can fax legal documents and the like, why are we stuck gathering original wet signatures??
  • Anything you can do to increase automation and reduce work done by volunteers to more standardize things across CYSA would be valuable.
  • I am very pleased with the forward progression I have witnessed in the past couple of years.



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