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The Registrar

The official blog of the Cal North Co-State Registrar, Marc Pinnell. This blog is intended to be a source of information for our members on the latest news concerning the registration of players, adults and teams within Cal North.


SURVEY RESULTS: Electronic Registration

Cal North

The second question on the survey dealt with gauging the interest level in a totally end to end electronic registration system that would eliminate or nearly eliminate the paperwork we currently use. This question was important to me, as it reflects the push that I have made over the past several years.

So the question was: "2. How interested are you in a end to end totally electronic registration system (ie - the elimination of the requirement to maintain a hard copy of registration forms at the league level)?". The response was pretty one sided:
  • 11% said the current system is fine
  • 20.7% said they were "somewhat interested" in changing
  • 68.3% were very interested in a change to all electronic registration
Seems like a pretty clear direction for the Registration Committee to take up and we are! At our next meeting we will be discussing ways to minimize the paper 1601s (registration forms) and implementing an electronic signature next season. If you should have any specific thoughts, give us a shout!



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