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Small World

Pete Zopfi

Small World. While playing goalkeeper for the U.C. Davis Soccer team in 1978, I had the unfortunate luck of being kicked in the side during a game and rupturing my spleen. After emergent surgery and a challenging recovery, I was able to play in my next intercollegiate soccer game 28 days after the injury. Fast forward to 1991. After completing college, medical school and a general surgery residency, I started a practice in Fairfield. I was scrubbing in to assist an orthopedic surgeon at a community hospital in Davis when I noticed a surgeon scrubbing at another sink. I asked my orthopedic colleague who the other surgeon was and he said "Dr. Wisner". The same Dr. Wisner that had performed my surgery 13 years earlier. I broke scrub and went over to him to thank him. After extending my appreciation to him, I asked him why he had allowed me to play again only 28 days after my injury. He asked, "How did you do?". I replied, "Okay.". He then said, "Well there is your answer.". The world is definitely smaller than we realize. Thanks again Dr. Wisner.




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