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The Registrar

The official blog of the Cal North Co-State Registrar, Marc Pinnell. This blog is intended to be a source of information for our members on the latest news concerning the registration of players, adults and teams within Cal North.


New Log-in Screen...

Cal North

Screen shot 2010-12-14 at 3.13.09 PM
If you have more than one job assigned in the LeagueOne system, by now you have probably noticed the new landing screen you get when you log into the LeagueOne registration system. Unfortunately, it caught all of us by surprise as it was a new, unannounced "feature" from LeagueOne. When originally released a couple of weeks ago it was also frustrating as it required a trip to the mouse to get passed. We complained and they listened!

Now, simply hitting the ENTER key when you get to this screen (assuming that the level showing in the drop down menu is correct) will take you on into the system. If the level that first shows there is not what you want to be your default level, you can change the default in your staff record.



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