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The Registrar

The official blog of the Cal North Co-State Registrar, Marc Pinnell. This blog is intended to be a source of information for our members on the latest news concerning the registration of players, adults and teams within Cal North.


LeagueOne Quick Tip: The ever expanding window!

Cal North

Anyone out there with a large monitor and that uses LeagueOne a fair amount probably has some of the same frustrations that I have with the browser window resizing automatically upon logging into the system. Hey Active, I really don't need a 23" LeagueOne window! It really makes it tough to follow the information in some of those screens (team screen for one) when the name and the associated data is 20" apart! Luckily I stumbled across a "fix" the other day. If you open the LeagueOne app into a new tab you are good to go. From what I can tell this trick works in Safari on the Mac and IE on Windows (doesn't seem to work here in Firefox unfortunately and I haven't tried Chrome yet). Create a new window, open a second tab in that window, now load your LeagueOne login screen and login. Eureka! No window resize! YMMV



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