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CYSA approves the use of the "Club Pass"

Cal North

Following on the heels of a recent change in the National Cup rules, CYSA has now approved the use of Club Passes throughout CYSA. At the October Board of Director's meeting, the CYSA Board approved the following changes to PIM 10-1, section 4 to implement the Club Pass.

c.      Team to Team Transfer
v. Teams may have up to five (5) inter-league transferred players.  Each movement of a player from one team to another is considered a transfer and shall be counted against the team receiving the player.
Example: Team 1 is rostered in League A and Team 2 is rostered in League B. Team 2 may only transfer 5 players from Team 1.
Teams may have an unlimited number of intra-league transferred players.
Example: Team 1 and Team 2 are both rostered in League A. Team 2 may transfer an unlimited number of players from Team 1.
Teams must retain a core roster of nine (9) players once their league play has started.

This change provides for much greater freedom of movement for our players within clubs that should result in much more competitive environments for our teams to grow.

If you have any questions, contact your local District Registrar or drop me a note below.



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