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CYSA Announces New Cup Credentials Procedures

Cal North

Late in 2009 CYSA embarked on a study to see if we could simplify or ease the burden on teams during the Cup Credentials process. For many years CYSA has required teams to attend a "Friday Night Checkin" to have their team credentials reviewed. There was a rising chorus that this was getting increasing expensive for teams/coaches and was it really necessary with the current state of our registration software.
Well, I am happy to report that CYSA has now COMPLETELY overhauled their credentials procedures for our four state level cups! Gone are the Friday night binder checks, to be replaced with a two part process that is a completely revolutionary (at least for us) process that puts some of the responsibility back on the teams, but at the same time makes things a lot easier!

Teams will no longer have to provide game card stickers to the cups. Beginning with the 2010/11 Cups, the cups will provide computer generated rosters for the referees to use in checking in the teams. These forms, patterned after the roster used for Regional and National competition, will be generated directly from the registration system 5 days prior to game play and will provide the list of all players for the team that are eligible to play in the cup games.

In place of verifying the binder of medical releases, we are moving toward a release on the back of the player passes. This release (which will need to be completed and signed by the parent), will be used to help determine a player's eligibility for any one particular match. The sticker contains the medical release information that is currently on the 1601 and has areas to list the player's doctor, medical conditions and emergency contact info in addition to a spot for the parent/guardian signature.
CYSA will be providing these release stickers to all teams that enter Cup competitions. These stickers are also available now at this link as a PDF file for any leagues wishing to put the stickers on now (and thereby get them under the initial lamination). The stickers can be printed on Avery #5395. They will be just a touch larger than the pass, but just a tiny bit.
If you wish to print your own stickers now and apply them to the passes before you laminate, which is our recommendation, below are some simple instructions on the best way to place them. This is the recommended method for positioning the stickers (as they are slightly oversized). We suggest that you begin with the teams that traditionally enter cup (Division 1 and Division 3).
  1. Print sheets of cards for the team
  2. "Burst" cards into single pieces or strips of just the actual Member Pass (the white part)
  3. Remove sticker from sheet
  4. Position sticker bottom edge with the right-hand edge of the back of the Member Pass, this would be the side opposite where we used to put the picture (If you said, "What do I mean 'used to put the picture'"... You better read this)
  5. Smooth the sticker toward the opposite edge
  6. The sticker will be slightly longer than the card (roughly 1/16"), simply fold the excess onto the front of the pass
  7. Give cards to the coach/team manager to have the sticker completed and signed by the parent prior to lamination.

While this may vary slightly location-by-location, the general order of events for teams will consist of showing up at least 1 hour prior to game time to the location they will be playing at. Once there a team official will need to show the onsite Cup representative that they have their binder with their Goldenrod, player passes (with stickers) and medical releases for all players. When game time approaches, the referee team (or a field marshall in some locations) will perform the pre-game check-in of the team, noting the uniform number of each player on the game day roster and verifying that each player pass has the approved sticker on the back and that it is signed. Any player without the sticker or with an unsigned sticker will not be allowed to participate in the match.

What do you think? Will this make things easier for the teams? As always, I am open and encourage your feedback. Please leave me a comment below or drop me a note at the email address at right.



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