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The Registrar

The official blog of the Cal North Co-State Registrar, Marc Pinnell. This blog is intended to be a source of information for our members on the latest news concerning the registration of players, adults and teams within Cal North.


ClubReg and Birth Documents

Cal North

We often have questions from registrars how LeagueOne handles the birth certificate (and other proof of age documents) verified with online registration. Here is how Club Reg works: Once the DOB is verified for a player by the District Registrar, then the system will hide the requirement to submit B/C with online registration. This is important since it eliminates a step or ‘paper doc’ that might need to be turned in and that clubs might need to track. Using this setting, LeagueOne will only show the B/C as required to complete registration for NEW players. (the club can still request to require B/C for ALL players who sign up online if they so choose). For more information, contact your District Registrar.



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