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The official blog of the Cal North Co-State Registrar, Marc Pinnell. This blog is intended to be a source of information for our members on the latest news concerning the registration of players, adults and teams within Cal North.


Clarification on New Member Passes

Cal North

usys_cardcompWell, seems that my previous post on the new player pass, combined with the recent shipments of supplies for 2010 has created some confusion out there! Sorry about that.
The confusion seems to surround the fact that the new passes appear very much the same as the old passes and people seem to have been expecting a greater difference in design. In fact, the new passes are almost identical to the old passes - what is changing is the design of the information that WE print on them. See comparison image to the right.
CYSA purchases the passes from USYS who has them printed in bulk for the entire country. Because of that our input into the design is minimal. The backs of the passes you will (or have) receive still indicates that the picture goes on the back. Much like the two signature lines that have always been there, CYSA is just ignoring that instruction for the reasons I listed in the last email.
If you have any questions, give me a holler or leave a comment below.



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