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Characteristics of U10 player

Cal North

Carlos Menjivar
Director of Coaching-Competitive

Characteristics of U10 player

U10 Psychomotor (Physical) Development

  • Gross and small motor skills become more refined
  • Boys and girls begin to develop separately
  • Ability to stay on task is lengthened
  • Greater diversity in playing ability
  • More prone to adults to heat injury
U10 Cognitive (Mental) Development
  • Beginning to use adult logic
  • Lengthened attention span
  • Ability to sequence thought and action
  • Pace factor becoming developed (starting to think ahead)
  • More inclined towards wanting to play than being told to play
  • Demonstrate increased self-responsibility
  • Bring ball/water/tuck-in jersey/pull socks up
  • Starting to recognize fundamental tactical concepts, but not always sure why they work
  • Repetitive technique very important, but it must be dynamic
U10 Psychosocial (Social) Development
  • More likely to initiate play on their own
  • Continued positive reinforcement needed
  • Explanations must be brief, concise and indicate purpose
  • Becoming more serious about "their play"
  • Still intrinsically motivated
  • Peer pressure starting to be a factor
  • Prefer identification with team
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