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Small World

Pete Zopfi

Small World. While playing goalkeeper for the U.C. Davis Soccer team in 1978, I had the unfortunate luck of being kicked in the side during a game and rupturing my spleen. After emergent surgery and a challenging recovery, I was able to play in my next intercollegiate soccer game 28 days after the injury. Fast forward to 1991. After completing college, medical school and a general surgery residency, I started a practice in Fairfield. I was scrubbing in to assist an orthopedic surgeon at a community hospital in Davis when I noticed a surgeon scrubbing at another sink. I asked my orthopedic colleague who the other surgeon was and he said "Dr. Wisner". The same Dr. Wisner that had performed my surgery 13 years earlier. I broke scrub and went over to him to thank him. After extending my appreciation to him, I asked him why he had allowed me to play again only 28 days after my injury. He asked, "How did you do?". I replied, "Okay.". He then said, "Well there is your answer.". The world is definitely smaller than we realize. Thanks again Dr. Wisner.

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The Beginning

Pete Zopfi

The Beginning. Hello Youth Soccer Nation. Did you ever wonder how some of us got started in soccer? I knew a young man once that wanted to play soccer so he went to the Fall soccer tryouts at his junior high school in Napa, California. All three grades (7’th, 8’th and 9’th) were trying out together. The three head coaches gathered all 90+ boys together and had them sit down on the soccer field. After introductions, the coaches told the boys; "We want all of you that are forwards, halfbacks and fullbacks to get up and start running laps to get into shape. All of you that think you are goalkeepers, let’s go down to the goal and talk about goalkeeping". I have enjoyed goalkeeping ever since. Have a great season and I will talk with you soon.

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2012 Recreational Soccer Symposiums

Pete Zopfi

Originally published: April 11, 2012


Dear Cal North CYSA Member,

On behalf of Cal North CYSA, I would like to invite you to attend the 2012 CYSA Recreational Soccer Symposiums. These one day conferences are designed to provide recreational leagues and clubs valuable information concerning recreational soccer and membership benefits available from Cal North CYSA.

Topics include "CYSA & USYS: Who are they?", "Recruitment & Retention of Voluteers", "CYSA Affiliation Process & Requirements", "Insurance: Benefits of CYSA Insurance", "Recreational Coaching Clinics & Courses" with on-field demonstrations provided by our State Directors of Coaching, "Purchasing Uniforms & Equipment", "Registration & League One", "Risk Management", "Marketing & Growing your League / Club", "Recreational Tournaments & Founders Cup", "Positive Coaching Alliance" and "CYSA Activities".

These free of charge CYSA Recreational Soccer Symposiums are scheduled from 9 am until 4 pm with lunch provided. They are located at four separate locations for your convenience. Please select one event from below and contact us to reserve your spot. You can register by using the CYSA Web Site or click here to reserve your spot today


We hope to see you soon.


Pete Zopfi
Chairman CYSA


Event Dates and Locations

  • Saturday May 12 in Fairfield
  • Saturday May 19 in Stockton
  • Saturday June 2 in San Jose
  • Saturday June 9 in San Ramon

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