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Protocol for Administrative Handling

If there is a perception that a participant has failed to comply with these guidelines, has misrepresented his or her history or background, or is engaged in activity which may be inappropriate for working with kids, then the following course of action shall be taken.


  1. The League President shall be informed of pertinent facts, information location, or source information.
  2. The information shall be related to the District Commissioner, who shall assist the league president in determining if facts warrant a suspension.
  3. If suspension is warranted and the participant has a pass, the participant's pass shall be obtained as soon as possible.
  4. Promptly following the suspension the District Commissioner shall inform the CYSAChairman and First Vice Chairman.
  5. Until a final determination is made, responses to inquiries as to the status of the volunteer shall be limited to noting the suspension is in effect until an investigation is completed. Parties requesting information and providing information do so at their own risk unless such information is authorized for release by the Chairman.
  6. The chairman may involve counsel to:
    1. Investigate authenticity of allegations and identification.
    2. Provide direction to CYSA, the Board of Directors, and the league involved.
  7. When appropriate, PIM 08-3 proceedings may be initiated.

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